Quantum Design, Inc.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Quantum Design (QD) brings 40+ years of experience as the leading manufacturer of automated materials characterization systems to the field of correlative microscopy and analysis. Designing technology from the ground up based on first principles has enabled QD's team of scientists and engineers to redefine instrument performance emphasizing exceptional user experience paired with cutting-edge innovation.

The highly trained and fostered skill level of Quantum Design production technicians is fundamental in bringing the FusionScope's cutting-edge technology to you without compromise. QD's mission is to deliver the highest quality possible in every part and sub-assembly of the FusionScope to assure its ultimate performance.

With offices in the USA, Japan, China, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Brazil, as well as fourteen European countries, Quantum Design is strategically located in the world's key centers for scientific research, providing local marketing, sales, and technical support. Quantum Design prides itself on a level of pre- and post-sales local support whose responsiveness is unrivalled in the industry.

QD Microscopy

Incorporated in Darmstadt, Germany in 2020, QD Microscopy was created with the charter to help develop, refine, and enhance the FusionScope technology. The team has been responsible for the development of advanced measurement modes for the FusionScope and focuses on exploring how the technology can be used to solve challenging real-world problems in the areas of nanotechnology, electronic sensing, manufacturing, failure analysis and chemistry.

QD Microscopy is responsible for exploring new applications for FusionScope technology as well as suggesting areas to expand measurement capabilities. As such, they are regularly interacting with customers to learn more about their measurement needs so as to provide feedback to the QD development team on present and future instrument capabilities.

The QD Microscopy Team

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